Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fat Joe revisited

Hey guys, I'm kinda sad this is the last lesson for the course, but it's been a blast! I've learned so much here and I really will be applying everything I've learned to my drawing from here on. Welp, here is the new version of my Fat Joe. The old one is on the left, and the new one on the right. Any critiques are welcome!


Althea Aseoche said...

I actually like them both very much! But I can see the improvement... I just love the volumes the revised version has... all that sense of weight. Well done! =)

DaveHan said...

ah thanks! yea, the newer version has much more volume... I was surprised with the differences between the new and old pictures, in a good way of course :)

tinylittlesandra said...

Oh yeah, the volume is much more natural, the hands are much better too as are the facial features. Great job!