Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Latest assignment

Hey guys, just sharing my latest assignment here. I've certainly been learning a lot from this class. There's been a lot of invaluable tips and advice from Stephen that affects how I've been drawing. Welp, here's my Jekyll! It's been hard tackling this character, because I think I tend to mix some graphic cartoon elements with more traditional style.... So part of it will look kind of flat, and another part will look like its got more form and dimension. Welp, gotta keep on learning!

- Dave


Clint Batac said...

Your character looks great! I love the facial expressions. Easy to read.
Good work man!

Stephen Silver , CHARACTER DESIGNER said...

Good job david, I just finished recording your video and gave you a bunch of suggestions. It's just a matter of pushing some things but overall it is looking good.

tinylittlesandra said...

Yeh, these are coming along nicely. Would be good to see ya loosen up a bit... keep 'em coming!